Staff - Friends of VisPa

Alongside the permanent teaching and management staff listed below, there are many more faithful volunteers who give up their time to look after the children and young people and help to keep the VisPa schools and orphanage running smoothly.



 Pamela Amimo - Headteacher, Nursery

Pamela Amimo – Headteacher, Nursery

 Linda Nerima

Linda Nerima, Teacher, Nursery

 Pamela Amimo

Rececca Oyoo – Teacher, Nursery 

 Winnie Adhiambo

Winnie Adhiambo – Nursery



 Frederick Adoyo

Frederick Adoyo – Headteacher, Primary 

 Philip Lala

Philip Lala – Deputy Headteacher, Primary

 Beryl Achieng

Beryl Achieng – Teacher, Primary

 Dorthy Ondiema

Dorthy Ondiema – Teacher, Primary

 Belinda Akoth

Belinda Akoth – Teacher, Primary

 Zacheaus Okoth

Zacheaus Okoth – Teacher, Primary

 Victor Omer

Victor Omer, Primary

 Cynthia Ochieng

Cynthia Ochieng – Teacher, Primary

 James Anditi

James Anditi, Teacher, Primary

 Christine Anyango

Christine Anyango – Teacher, Primary

 Josephine Opuge

Josephine Opuge, Teacher, Primary


High School

   Philip Ouda

Philip Ouda – Principal, High School

 Charles Otieno

Charles Otieno – Deputy Principal, High School

 Japheth Ogollo

Japheth Ogollo – Teacher, High School

 Phillix Onyango

Phillix Onyango – Teacher, High School

Beryl Ouma

Beryl Ouma – Teacher, High School

 David Lumbasi

David Lumbasi – Teacher, High School

 Vera Agatha

Vera Agatha – Teacher, High School