Teams - Friends of VisPa

Kids club

The best way to understand the needs of the children at VisPa is to sit down and listen to them. They appreciate this greatly.

Over the past few years we have facilitated teams from churches and other groups visiting VisPa. We will continue to do this for interested groups, and also for individuals.

The teams engage in spiritual outreach, fact finding or the provision of practical work or services. Teams will visit each year and you are very welcome to contact us for further information, and be involved.

“Visiting VisPa put my own wants and needs into perspective.”
Jackie Craig
Brookside Presbyterian Church

“I’m left with the challenge of what I can do to support my brothers and sisters in Kenya.”
Jenalee Kennedy
Friends of VisPa

“When I think on VisPa the first thing that comes to my mind is the beautiful smiling faces of the kids. Their joy and perseverance in the midst of many trials they face is humbling. I look forward to seeing those smiling faces again soon!”
Megan Young
Friends of VisPa

“Visiting the school, seeing and talking to the young kids was a heart warming experience.
William Kennedy
Friends of VisPa

 Please visit the gallery for more images of teams that have visited VisPa over the years.