Teams - Friends of VisPa

Each year Friends of Vispa organises ministry teams to complement the work of Vispa in Kenya. The team engages in construction work, music and choirs, bible studies, sports, drama, arts and crafts and an eye clinic.

Please get in touch if you wish to know more.

All ages and talents of any description are welcome- and the most important talent is a caring heart.


My involvement with Friends of Vispa has changed my perspective on life in so many ways- it has been an amazing privilege to be able to serve and to grow as a part of the team!‘ Hannah


Those at Vispa are lovingly leading these precious kids with contagious joy into a relationship with God whilst providing them with the education they need…‘ Katherine

Amazing, a wonderful love and commitment shown to those less fortunate than ourselves.‘ Rhonda

I’m humbled and blessed to have visited such people of faith and learned from them.‘ Sylvia

Seeing the older boys develop from being withdrawn and lacking confidence to hardworking, helpful and content young men has been a deep joy to me.‘ Stephen