About - Friends of VisPa


VISON AND PASSION CENTRES (VisPa) is a Christian charity based in Western Kenya, managed by George and Hellen Ochieng. Since 2007 we have witnessed the work of VisPa as they have reached out to and cared for the most vulnerable children and young people.

Currently the orphanage looks after 65 children, and over 500 children and young people attend the nursery, primary and secondary schools. But VisPa is much more than just a school.

It seeks to nourish each child spiritually, emotionally and physically. It is a blessing to watch children grow in dignity, joy and grace, despite the challenges which they face.

“We are called to provide holistic care to orphans and vulnerable children in Kenya while believing in an all sufficient God as creator and provider”.
Hellen and George Ochieng
Founders of VisPa

The story so far
1991: Hellen began assisting widows and their children while she worked in a bank in Kisumu, western Kenya.
1998: She left work to devote herself full time to working with children in need, looking after 25 children at home.
2000: Hellen was able to expand this to 65 children when she acquired additional land to build simple mud houses, and start a small school.
2000: The school and orphanage was supported by the Maranatha Trust.
2007: Beginning of the Coaching 4 Christ sponsorship scheme.

2012: The school had grown to around 268 children, including a nursery. A secondary school was built, which currently has 104 pupils with the capacity for 400. All children are loved and valued. 19 students sat the national examination council exams and 15 qualified to join Universities. This was a first and a great blessing.
2013: VisPa cares for 530 children and Friends of VisPa was formed due to expansion of the work, to take over the sponsorship scheme and coordinate support.
2014: For the first time, two female VisPa pupils gained the grades to qualify them for university.

“I thank God that we have come so far and I can see the Lord’s hand in it, that he is faithful, the One who called me. I am looking at a bright future for all of our young people and a change that can be seen, felt and testified about physically, academically and spiritually.”
Hellen Ochieng

FRIENDS OF  VISPA is a Christian charity based in Northern Ireland, set up to support the work of VisPa. It provides financial, material and spiritual assistance, through child sponsorship, school building, clean water access and Christian literature. Its members have been involved with VisPa since 2006, being part of the of the outreach and ministry.

“It is a privilege to partner with VisPa and witness the children grow in dignity, joy and grace, despite the challenges which they face.”
Colin Hayburn
Director of Friends of VisPa