Friends of VisPa mission team 2015
By: Alison Craig
Sep 1, 2015

On 21st August 2015, 19 willing volunteers set off from Northern Ireland to travel to Kisumu, Kenya to spend 8 days at VisPa schools and orphanage.

We were warmly welcomed by friends, old and new, by the children and the staff at VisPa.

No time was wasted and we soon began work projects. Mornings were spent hosting bible clubs for the children – one for the juniors (aged 10-14 years old) and one for the seniors (aged 14- 18). This was a wonderful time spent having fun with the children and studying God’s word together. The number of children grew everyday and by the final day  of the bible camp there was over 200 children attending the clubs!

In the afternoon the team split up and hosted a number of different projects that the children could take part in. When Colin visited VisPa in December 2014 some of the children asked if we could help them to do drama and teach them to sing.
One of the team members, Naomi ran a drama workshop with some of the older children and they performed for the whole school, teachers, visitors, parents and special guests at the school prize day at the end of the week. The children were able to showcase their confidence and creativity, much to the delight of all of those who were watching.
Ian and Sylvia did a wonderful job of managing the choir which consisted of approximately 50 children. It was wonderful to see the joy as the children sang and danced and praised God.
Kenneth, Philip and James spent their afternoons playing sport with the children and the football coaching was a particular favourite.
Hannah C, Hannah G, Liz, Louise, Janine and Katherine spent quality time with the children doing arts and crafts, playing games and watching movies.

A few of the team also spent time at the Primary School doing general maintenance and repair work. Ian, Stephen, John and Trevor replaced the tin walls of classrooms and repaired classroom floors. This sub-team were also able to witness and assist with the completion of the new boys dormitory at the orphanage. Much of the money for the dorm was raised through a 100K sponsored hike which took place in May this year in Northern Ireland. It was particularly special for these men to be involved in this project as all of them had been involved in the planning and organising of the hike, and some even completed the challenge themselves! The orphanage has recently had a large intake of children and the lack of space meant that many of the boys were sleeping in the dining room at the orphanage. They are so delighted with their new bedrooms and can’t wait to move in.

As always, it is a joy to witness first hand the great work that VisPa is doing in this community in Kenya.

Special thanks to everyone who donated clothes, money, toys, football kits and footballs –  each item will be well used and well cherished.

Thanks also to those who stood with us in prayer throughout our trip. God answered those prayers and provided safety, good health and great fellowship amongst the team and with our friends in Kenya.

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